Event Report: 16th Annual LA Youth Orienteering Meet

Boy Scouts around a table with maps

Despite getting the word out a little bit late, this was one of our largest youth events ever. We registered 18 Boy Scout Troops, 7 Navy JROTC Units, and 3 Girl Scout Troops.

This was the year of the big upset. Troop 676 of Alta Loma, who had won the overall award for the last five years, were finally bested by Troop 126 of Arcadia. A rivalry sure to continue into the future. While Troop 676 posted impressive wins across the board during the afternoon Score-O event, Troop 126 managed to secure the top spot with consistently high placings in both morning and afternoon events in the White-14 category. Also of note was the winning style of Girl Scout Troop 353 from San Gabriel. Theirs is a story of redemption. Having been one of the last groups to finish last year, they came back with a bang and won both the White-12 (Hanna and Vienna) and White-14 (Kara and Erin) classes in the morning. Overall, these girls missed the ribbons by only 17 points against very competitive troops.

Other point-to-point winners were Owen and Jonathan from El Camino Real NJROTC in White Open, Michael and Kolbe of BSA Troop 33 in Yellow-14, Jonathan and Teepen of Troy NJROTC in Yellow Youth, and William and Jason of BSA Troop 316 on the Orange Course.
We hope all of the groups competing for the first time this year will be sure to put this on your calendar and come back for more. The tentative date for next year's youth meet is Saturday, February 9th.

Many thanks to all of the volunteers who made this meet a success.
Registration and Results - Harvey Woo
Start – Janice Webster, Bill Webster, Renee Mocann, and Daniel Mocann (all from La Habra NJROTC)
Instruction - Christian Bower and Scott Schmitz
Courses and Finish – Joe, Amanda, and Gavin Vlietstra and Tyler Deacy
E-punch - Rich Hoesly
Awards Prep - Jossalyn Emslie and Lyn Repath-Martos

Groups must have at least three teams competing in both the point-to-point and score-O events to be eligible for overall Group awards. This year only ten of the groups competing met this eligibility requirement. Many new groups were unaware of the event's two race format and left early. The scoring system awards consistency. Groups with lots of stable results can do better than a group with some top awards but also some DNFs.

-Clare Durand

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