Event Report: Mile Square Park, Sep. 2012

For Rich D.'s analysis of the Memory-O, see this page.

On this National Orienteering Day, 65 individuals and teams jaunted around one of the most popular parks in the OC. It was a gorgeous day, albeit hot.

Despite a plea for volunteers, we were short-handed to start the morning. Rich, Christian and I were about two-thirds through set up when a swarm of eager orienteers arrived (early). Mentally preparing myself for the worst, I gulped at the thought of the loooong day ahead.

But before the fear could fully sink in, a veritable cavalry of volunteers rode over the hill to save the day! Scott "Arrives Early and Leaves Late" Schmitz, Joe "The Indestructible Instructor" Vlietstra, Darrin "Where Do You Need Help?" Greenstein, Allan "The Start Saint" Pincus, and Clare "Printer Punisher" Durand quickly took up positions at Start, Finish, Registration and Beginner Instruction. I can only imagine how the day would have gone without their help.

The combination of early arrivals and some last minute scrambling with e-punch units (thanks to an over-zealous park ranger who collected a control and brought it back to Christian) made for a large crowd when Start opened, but everyone remained in good spirits. The bulk of the crowd (30!) did the Yellow course.

The Memory-O format turned a relatively simple route into a moderately difficult course. Orienteering gets a bit harder when you can't run with a map! To my knowledge, only one orienteer, Clare, was able to finish the course without coming back to Start to re-check the maps. The fastest time, however, goes to Alex Kipperman, who despite checking the maps at Start three times, was able to fly through the 3.4k course in 20:48! Full results and splits are posted here.

Because of the relatively low times, many orienteers had the opportunity to enjoy two courses. Back at E-Punch Download, we had prizes for all finishers. Vintage water bottles, vintage t-shirts, free entry to O events, bookmarks and a membership to OUSA were randomly distributed to the many sweaty bodies.

On a behind-the-scenes note, I would like to include a special Thank You to Sue (mapper) and Christian (course setter). I didn't hear a single complaint about either the map or the control placement. This is one of those times where no news is fantastic news. Well done!

For control pickup, Terry, Steve, Alex, Sue, Rich, and potentially a couple more forgotten soldiers all made for one of the quickest event strikes I've ever seen. Everyone was done and out by 1:30!

The Best Exchange Award goes to Rich and Scott, at the registration table:
Rich: …, and which course are you doing?
Scott: I don't remember...…Oh yea, Memory-O!

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