Event Report: Schabarum Valentine Score-O

This year's Valentine Score-O had a new twist. To make the event more social and have the winners present for the awards ceremony, we used a mass start. Since a mass start can often just result in large herds following along the same route, we added some bonus points to mix things up. Each control had a tag placed in the e-punch hole. The first person to get to the control was able to take the tag. Each tag was worth ten bonus points. This helped to encourage some different strategies out of the start and provided a way to get wider variety in the scores. This was important since the relatively easy Youth meet controls resulted in five different competitors getting to all controls.

Top scorer of the day was Victoria Stevens in the Female Adult category. She ran the entire course in 50:07 and came back with four bonus tags for a total score of 590 points. Champion at hitting controls first and winner in the adult male category was Ivan Kanzaki. Although he didn't make it to every control, his bounty of seven bonus tags, put him at 585 points, close on Victoria's heels.

The tightest competition of the day was in the Male Junior category where Alex Kiperman and Will Hubsch battled it out for the Valentine candy. This was the only category where the winner was determined by time and not score. Both young men made it to every control and both returned with three bonus tags, but Alex managed to take the prize with the best time of the day at 42:46.

The team of East Coast Kids from City of Trees Orienteering Club walked away with the premier prize in the Valentine Pairs category. They were the only team entry to make it to all controls in the time limit. Other team category winners included the Venturers in the Junior Team category, Flying Circus in the Adult Team category, and Team USES in the Family Team category.

As hoped for, the award ceremony was well-attended with many winners present to take home their candy. Of course, when the winners weren't there, those further down the list were happy to pick up the prize. And as always, there was a kiss for every finisher.

Thanks to everyone who volunteered, making this a smooth event and an enjoyable day. Since I had to leave immediately after the awards, I don't have a list of late day volunteers such as control pickup, but anyone I missed is greatly appreciated.

Remarkable Registration – Andrew Tomlin, Scott Schmitz, Don Sieveke
Impressive Instructor – Gary Dolgin
Fabulous Finish - Sharon King
Exemplary Epunch - Rich Hoesly
Awesome Awards set-up - Charlotte

-Clare Durand

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