Event Report: Topanga State Park, May 2012

Deer at Topanga

Topanga State Park Team USA Fundraiser Event
Sunday, May 6, 2012
Meet Director - Clare Durand
Course Setter - Clare Durand

Courses: Trail-O, Sprint, String-sprint


The small cadre of orienteers that showed up for the Topanga Team USA Fundraiser event had a great time with the variety of courses available.

The two kilometer sprint course took advantage of the flat, open terrain on the top of the ridge south of the event center. This being Southern California mountains, there was more climb than typical of a sprint, including one hill to climb in the middle of the course to add some physical test before a long downhill leg. And just when you thought you were headed to the finish - four more quick controls to keep you on your toes. The course was designed to be suitable for elites and beginners alike and reviews from participants were positive. The short legs with quick direction changes made those moving at top speed stay in touch with the map to avoid minor errors while simultaneously being simple enough for those walking with a family to enjoy the scenery and find everything successfully. James Scarborough whizzed the course in 17:15. Terje Mogstad just edged out Andrew Tomlin by six seconds to take second place.

James also prevailed in the Super String-O event. This super short race involved racing through the trees at the event center, following the string to punch nine controls along the way. Speed and punching technique were the winning combination. Everyone was welcome to try the course as many times as they wanted with their best time counting in the results. Clare set the initial bar by waking up the controls with her 0:56 time. The competition then became heated, with Andrew and James jockeying for the best time while everyone else tried to keep up. Special thanks to James Scarborough for bringing a SportIdent download device that made the timekeeping for this a breeze.

The detailed Trail-O challenged competitors map reading skill. Participants view a cluster of controls from the trail and have to determine which control precisely matches the circle on their map. Three LAOC members (Andrew Tomlin, Brad Weyers and Rich Dekany) achieved perfect scores of 10. The toughest controls were those with the answer "None." Especially number five. This cluster was set in a reentrant, but it was not the same reentrant that was circled on the map. This classic parallel error caught a number of top orienteers.

Thank you's to everyone who participated, helping us to raise money for our national teams. Special Thank You's to everyone who helped out:

Volunteer List

    Meet Director/Course Setter - Clare Durand
    Registration - Andrew Tomlin
    Set-up/Instruction - Gary Dolgin
    Finish/E-Punch - Rich Hoesly
    Start - Harvey Woo
    Results - Charlotte and Ryan Dekany
    Control Pick-up - Scott Schmitz, Sue Dekany, Andrew Tomlin, Clare Durand

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