Presidential Ponderings: December 2011

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Greetings fellow orienteers,

The LAOC has just completed what I believe was one of our best attended events, the Vasquez Rocks meet. This event couldn’t have come off without Sue, who created the courses and organized the people necessary. We are very fortunate to have her. I hope I am not hurting anyone else’s feelings, as I know Marvin, Rich, Darrin, Allan, Kim and many others also contributed.

I also want to mention that Rex Winterbottom will be holding an event February 25-26 at Valley of Fire; this is a bit further than Las Vegas and I have always been meaning to visit. I hope we can support Rex by attending this event; he is “betting the farm” on this one. Rex has also agreed to teach a mapping class for us, and he has also recently taught the advanced orienteering class at Camp Scherman. Let’s support him.

I see that the San Diego club is offering a three day event at Anza Borrego, January 13-16, and this event has long been one of my favorites. I hope you don’t think I’ve turned “traitor” by promoting other events, but we all stand to gain by supporting the other clubs and organizations.

I guess the big news is that we have just ordered 60 new electronic controls; this is our first step toward updating our gear. These controls are smaller, lighter, and require less programming than the old ones. We have a total of approximately 120 controls, so you could say this is the first installment. By the way, the bill is about $7,000! Which explains why we didn’t buy all 120. I want to thank Sue, Marvin, Rich, Brad and others for their valuable input in making this decision.

About that website: Andrew and Brad are currently surveying a number of existing sites to determine which one could most easily be modified to suit our purposes. I hope we will have some good news on that score soon.

Did I mention we need new course setters, Meet Directors and Volunteers? We will train you. Just let me know.

I also wish to thank Allen Hubsch for his continuing efforts in finding new locations and different events for us. There is a lot more behind the scenes planning and work than you might guess.

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and I hope to see you all in Travel Town, January 8th.

-Don Sieveke

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