Presidential Ponderings: March 2012

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Clare Durand, Joe Vliestra, and a great group of volunteers just completed a great two day event at Schabarum. I hope each of you, our members, appreciates the work they did. The events were extremely well attended and the Club also did very well financially. That is a good thing, because we have expenses . . . Sharon and I, Allan and Kim Pincus are travelling to Valley of Fire for Rex Winterbotham's two day rogaine. I hope we support him with this event, as Rex has been very generous with his time to the LAOC. He has done a fine job with the first of a two installment series on Mapping. If you want to map, you need to attend these classes. March 3 and 4 are the next classes.

On March 11th the LAOC will present Santa Fe Dam. We will also hold our annual meeting. This is where we vote our board members and officer in (or out). If you are interested in joining our board, please let us know and we'll provide you with more information. We are also attempting to revise our by-laws; I am currently reviewing them and making changes which require membership approval.

As you will note elsewhere, our 2012 calendar isn't quite firmed up. As always, we desperately need course setters, meet directors and other volunteers. We are trying to plan an event for April, but without people coming forward, it is problematic at this time. Because the LAOC has always attempted to have a meet every month, we are going to schedule it and hope the staffing will follow. Please notify either Sue, Jane, or me if you can help.

Again, I want to thank all of you who volunteer your time. In particular, we owe such a debt to Rich Hoesly and Marvin, who run our computers every meet (no time off for them), and Sue who has been so generous with her time in creating mapping courses and who has contributed so o much invaluable ideas and work to make this club a success. Thank you, Jane Baumgardner, for your work as Event Coordinator; I know how difficult that job is. Thank you to the Board who have been so supportive this year and last, particularly Bruce Corning, Scott Schmitz, Steve Durand. Finally, I wish to thank Andrew Tomlin and Brad Weyers for looking at so many websites and who have focused us onto a new platform. We hope to have a new website for you in the near future (hallelujah).

Once again, I am sending out a request for those of you who would become meet Directors or Coursesetters. We will train and support you. All you have to do is raise your hand . . .

Don Sieveke
El Presidente

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