Sierra Summerfest Participant Report

A bunch of LAOC members, friends, family and Caltech students attended the BAOC events held July 25th through 29th. The Dekanys hosted an exclusive dinner and games (Monopoly Deal, Pandemic, Quizzard, Pitch Car Mini) party on Sunday evening. Unfortunately several people headed homeward after the Long event (Ingvard J., Mike C., Alex and Eugene K.) and missed the get-together. The price of admission was written comments about the event. Here are some of their thoughts.

Event results are available here.

Bruce C. - "Brick-oven pizza at the finish is a first for me." Ed note: the brick oven at the historic Wheeler Sheep Camp was stoked for almost endless (extremely tasty) pizza for lunch at the Long course finish. Sue D. spent a good 30 minute-turn hefting 'zas into, around, and out of the oven while trying to avoid the blasting heat.

Clare D. - "I enjoyed the different flavor of all the courses. All very well set. Lots of good competition for Western State Champs with Karin Didisse and Johanna Merriss. I think each of us was ahead one of the days. Cool thing: on Saturday I spent some time doing course reviews with some people and giving them pointers. Both said they used the info on Sunday and had successes. No really big mistake. A one minute mistake on #11 on the sprint probably had the biggest effect because every second counts in sprint. Also some poor route choices on the long, especially going out of the way from 7 to 8 when straight would have been way faster." Ed. note: Clare won Western State Champion in her class, F50+.

Vicky S. - "I really enjoyed the middle event - it was one of the best events I've ever done (I guess partly because I did quite well). The area for the middle and long was fantastic, really first class terrain with excellently planned courses. My first A-meet!" Ed. note: first A-meet in the US, she's done equivalent meets in other countries! Vicky blew away her competition in F21+ and won Western State Champion by a large margin!

Brad W. - "The Spooner Lake Score-O had beautiful scenery and a punishing over time penalty that caught many runners (including me) by surprise. The middle distance race was expertly crafted to be void of useful attack points and rewarded those who were good with bearing and pace counts. The long courses (15k Blue, 10k Red) were grueling courses that presented great route choice options but challenged many contestants to finish by the 3 hour time limit. All the courses were well designed and lots of fun. Off the courses we enjoyed the Lake Tahoe area by floating the Truckee river, caught up on our history by visiting the Donner Memorial Museum and socialized with the other LAOC members at a spaghetti dinner hosted by the Dekanys." Ed. note: it was Cincinnati Chili, ; ) Brad won the M35+ Western State Champion metal!

J. Teepen - "Amazing weekend. Very organized and very fun. The three extra fun runs gave some good practice between real courses as well as a fun activity during the day. Overall, I give it two thumbs up!" Ed note: After suffering a 180 error out of the start of the middle, Teepen came back on Sunday's long with the best time!

Victor K. - "The second real orienteering event in my life." Ed. note: I'm so impressed by Victor. His first experience was June's Mt Pinos event where I meet him during the training session. At Tahoe he ran all the events, including the blue/red sprint, blue middle, and red long! Clearly, he's really picked orienteering up!

Harvey W. - "I'm glad the seats in our Subaru recline."

Andrew T. - "This was my first A-meet since 2005, and boy was it a doozy. Everyone clearly felt the exhausting effects of 6 events in 5 days, but that didn't stop us from having a BLAST! Major props go to Vicki Woolworth and everyone else who put on this event. It went as smooth as butter!"

Rex W. - "BAOC hearts LAOC! 4ever!"

Lloyd J. - "I enjoyed talking to those people. They're really interesting." Ed. note - Lloyd's my dad!

Sue D. - "Love the Tahoe area! I think LAOC should make a map up there too! Orienteering-wise: I need more practice, especially on 1:5000 scale maps. I astonished myself by twice getting to a control circle with the wrong code and then realizing that I misread where I should be going. Despite doing some running this summer, I didn't see any improvement on my speed. Loved having so many LAOCers there! The whole meet was well run by BAOC. Special thanks to my folks for joining my family there and hanging with the kids." Ed. note - Charlotte D. won Western State Champion in F-12!

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